If you could create a better world, what would you choose to do?
Would there be a place to learn, perform and preserve great music?
Would that be high on your list? Naturally!

And that is what this extraordinary arts institution, the Oratorio Society of Queens, is doing in your community, in your “better world” today.

Come and be a part of our exciting commemoration of OSQ’s 90th Anniversary. The choral finale of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony “Ode to Joy,” a triumphant tribute to the best in the human spirit will have you out of your seats with excitement! Selections from the best of America’s musical heritage are also featured - reflecting the wide range of music that is the American Choral Experience.

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90th Anniversary Gala


The Oratorio Society of Queens (OSQ) is a community chorus with over 125 members who share the exhilaration of preparing and performing the great choral masterpieces and bringing musical excellence in Queens.

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The Oratorio Society of Queens invites students to apply for our Student Choral Program – and become part of the borough’s most prestigious cultural institution.

Student Choral Program