The Oratorio Society of Queens invites students to apply for our Choral Scholarship Program and become part of the borough's most prestigious cultural institution. Student Choral Program offers high school and college students the opportunity to sing and perform with OSQ. OSQ underwrites the cost of music and waives membership dues for students. Music and binders are issued to students without charge.

Students must be full-time high school or college students in good academic standing, with a sincere interest in learning and performing choral music consisting of classical music such as Handel's "Messiah," Mozart's "Requiem," Beethoven's "Hallelujah" (Mount of Olives), holiday music and American spirituals and popular music.

Students are required to have an audition to determine their voice range and placement within the chorus.

Students must provide a short statement about their interest in choral singing, their past musical experience and their plans to continue to incorporate music into their adult lives.We require all members (student or regular) to take their relationship with OSQ and its members seriously. This includes regular and prompt attendance, proper attire and conduct, and courteous, attentive behavior during rehearsals, performances and other functions. Parental approval is mandatory. We have enjoyed student participation and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with our student members of the future.

Would you like to join OSQ? Here’s the Student Choral Program brochure and application form. Just follow the directions and we hope to see you soon! Have any questions? Let us know! Call us at 718.279.3006 or email us at

Spotlight on our current Student Choral Program singer:

First Soprano (pictured above)
Student at St. Francis Prep, Fresh Meadows, NY

Brianna has completed her first year with the OSQ Student Choral Program and the talent and poise this young woman possesses is immediately apparent. Her lovely voice adds warmth and color to the chorus and, along with her winning personality, she has won over all our members who share the stage with her. She comes every Monday prepared to sing and is a joy to work with. Her smiling face is an added bonus.

Ms. Sheridan’s love for various music genres was nurtured by her parents, her first music appreciation teachers, and it ranges from classic choral singing, to Broadway and rock. Adding to her singing talents, Brianna loves to perform in theatre and has been acting in  local and school theatre groups. She is what is commonly know on Broadway as a triple threat  – she acts, she dances and she certainly can sing!

Whether the performing arts will ultimately become a professional career for Brianna is unknown. But it is safe to say that music will always be an important part of her life. The training, participation and contact she has had in the OSQ Student Choral Program has added to her musical development and is transforming Ms. Sheridan into a seasoned choral singer.