Keep OSQ running smoothly and successfully by following these guidelines:

Returning members: Dues must be paid by the 1st rehearsal of the term. 
New members: Dues must be paid by the 3rd rehearsal of the term.

Have your current season’s music in hand at each rehearsal. ALWAYS have a pencil with you to mark your music as instructed by Maestro Close at rehearsals.

Make time to rehearse your music at home weekly. Come prepared to each rehearsal by using the free music rehearsal tracks for your voice section available through OSQ’s Chorus Connection site. You can practice online or download the tracks. Maestro Close will email you Weekly Homework detailing the specific choral parts to work on. It takes times but through consistent home practice you will come to each rehearsal ready and more confident to sing your part. Links to YouTube videos will also be recommended for member viewing.

All members must have an email address and access to email to receive and read Rehearsal Reminders sent by our Operations Manager and Weekly Homework sent by Maestro Close.

Every Monday (regardless of holidays), OSQ begins rehearsals promptly at 7:30 pm. The Weekly Homework you receive details the music that will be covered. Good learning takes place in a conducive environment achieved by having prepared members, a quiet room with minimal chatting, and an informal but mindful conductor ready to teach the nuances of the music in a good-natured manner.

Rehearsal seating is determined at the discretion of the Artistic Director and the Section Leader. This will help achieve better choral balance and benefit members who need support in learning the music.

Members are expected to attend ALL rehearsals in their entirety. Attendance is recorded by your Section Leader.

You MUST notify your Section Leader of any absence. Section leader information can be found in the back of this handbook. Your section leader and/or the Artistic Director will need to address attendance with members having absences in excess of two. Missing rehearsals has a serious implication for continued involvement in OSQ.

All members are required to be at rehearsals on time. If you expect to be late, please let your Section Leader know ahead of time. Excessive or habitual lateness is not an option unless limited special permission is granted by the Artistic Director.

All cell phones MUST be in silent mode - NO texting/messaging allowed.
NO gum chewing.
NO perfume, scented hairspray, aftershave lotion or scented anything.

  • Talking during rehearsals is both distracting to the Maestro and to the others who are trying to concentrate on the music. This is something that should be avoided at all costs. If you have a question about the music, wait until the break and contact your Section Leader.

  • Occasionally people will make mistakes while singing. Laughing at others when they miss a note is disrespectful and offensive. Keep in mind that they are trying, and we all miss a note from time to time.

  • Do not hum your part while another vocal section is being rehearsed.

  • Follow along silently so you know where and WHAT Maestro is rehearsing, regardless of the voice part he is working with. Many times the same instruction will apply to your section.

  • No eating in the rehearsal seating area (no cookies, no sandwiches, no pizza, no anything). Any type of food consumption must be confined to the platform area or the seating area in the outside lobby. Please clean up after yourself.

  • No pork or shellfish products on the premises.

Each member is expected to sing every scheduled performance, unless an exception is granted by Maestro Close. On the day of the concert performance, all members are required to come on time - 2:30 pm - to the concert venue, be dressed in appropriate and approved concert attire, and go directly to the assigned voice section rooms. This is an excellent time to review your music, make sure it is in order, and enjoy reading our concert journal.

It is essential that all members follow the directions given by the OSQ Concert Stage Manager. Courtesy and good manners are the accepted norm. Disruptive behavior and/or outbursts impact on fellow members, section leaders, volunteers, ticket sellers, lobby staff, or audience members and will not be tolerated. Questions unrelated to the concert (including those concerning the concert journal) or are not of immediate dire concern are not to be addressed at any time prior to taking the stage. Focus and concentration is essential and a great performance is our first and only concern at concert time.