In the last week. I have been to complete “Messiahs” at both Tilles and the Philharmonic in addition to today’s [Holiday 2015] excerpts. I have to tell you that your own performance lost virtually nothing to the others. Your chorus was in fine voice, the orchestra was splendid, and your soloists — especially the divine John Easterlin — were excellent. The rest of the program was also a pleasure, and the duo on “O Holy Night” really stood out! My wife and I look forward to next year.
— Dan Markewich
I just wanted to let you know that the concert...was fabulous! The whole group sounded absolutely amazing, and my mom and I loved the entire program! The chorus alone deserved a standing ovation because they were phenomenal. It was the best way to start off my week of finals for sure!
— Evangeline Szpylka
Congrats on a great performance. By my novice ears (but very familiar with Handel’s “Messiah”)...strong voices, diverse selections, soloists - Wow factor! Thanks to [OSQ]. Bravo! See you in the Spring.
— Chris Chin
A while ago we discovered the Oratorio Society of Queens and fell in love with it. The quality is excellent and can often compare to larger, more established philharmonic organizations. Outside the pleasure of listening, you have had a deep impact on our lives. Our two daughters (age 7 and 8) have always been involved in soccer, karate, and gym but were missing the artistic side. Since we started to go to your concerts, they have developed a love for music and are now playing piano. Music has and is helping them mature very nicely in a balanced way . . . OSQ has definitely helped them toward music. Concerts are community pillars...In this day and age when peace of mind is too often a dream, it would be a great injustice to cut funds to an entity that brings peace and love to everyone’s life and has an everlasting impact on young lives.
— Pierre, Laurence, Claire & Julie Bouchard
Just a short note to thank you for yesterday’s concert. It was absolutely fabulous. I would argue that it was the best ever. David was great, and the other three soloists were great too. I brought my daughter, who is 15, and as much as possible at that age, she had a blast. (She hardly looked at her cell phone the entire time.) Again, thanks and congrats.
—  Rob MacKay, Director Public Relations, Marketing & Tourism, Queens Economic Development Corporation
The memories linger on from the concert performed in Brentwood. Individual sisters and surrounding residents still speak of the quality of the music and the delightful way in which it was performed...Many of our senior neighbors from St. Anne’s Gardens, a retirement community, joined us this year...They speak of the joy they felt that day and the extra Christmas gift your music was to them...What a wonderful treasure you are to the people of Queens! One comment stands out in my mind: “I thought I was watching Channel 13!” What a perfect line to reflect the high-quality of the performance that matched the best that public television is now showing.
— Brother Stephen LaMendola, CSC, President, Holy Cross HS
Thank you, David! It was a wonderful concert. You pulled us and the orchestra together masterfully. It was a joy to rehearse, sing and it was a perfect program for the audience, young and old.

My five year old godson’s hands-down favorite was “Ching-A-Ring-Chaw.” And, when I asked eight year old Nathan (and new cello student and chorus member) what his favorite part of the concert was, he answered by thrusting both arms in the air, “EVERYTHING was my favorite part!” He was in awe and both boys had a thousand questions for me afterwards. We’ve touched the hearts of the next generation.

Engage, educate and uplift the community? Check, check and CHECK!
— Irene C. Junge
As a member of the chorus, being in the audience is a much different experience from being on the stage. I was quite familiar with the music since I rehearsed and practiced it at home before I became disabled. Listening to it in its entirety, however, made me appreciate it in a more profound way. It also allowed me to admire my friends in the chorus and realize how hard they work and focus to sing their best. Moreover it was fantastic to have the orchestra blend with the chorus throughout each piece, following all the contrasts, tempos, and rhythms which had to be observed to bring the music to perfection.

Of course a superb performance like this could not have been done without our Maestro David Close. Listening to the concert brought to mind all David’s contributions at our rehearsals: his jokes, his patience, his annoyance when we chat or when we do not do his weekly homework, his recommendation to use Mr. Pencil to mark our music, and his frustration for having to repeat the same advice, but his genuine satisfaction when the chorus performs well.

Everything was great: the soloists, the orchestra and the chorus, thanks to their hard work, dedication and love of music and our gifted Maestro’s baton. Congratulations!
— Anne-Marie Bourbon
We attended the concert today - WOW! I cannot tell you my favorite part; I was enthralled from beginning to end. The beauty of the music nourished my soul! We now feel that David is a genius and look forward eagerly to December’s concert. We thank all of you for your hard work so that the rest of us may hear and enjoy.
— Your new fans, Rhoda & Elie Jabbour